which way are you in?


            I believe that everything in this world absolutely has an opposite side like a coin. There are light and shadow. There are black and white. There are good and bad. Bla bla bla… And of course, in this current digital world there are technology overload versus solitude as well.

            Last weekend, I watched a couple of popular movies based on true stories, which are totally different. One is “Into the Wild’, whereas another one is “Jobs”. Actually, it was the second time of watching Jobs. I have watched this movie last year once. It still impressed me though.

            Into the Wild is a true story about Christopher McCandless, a young man who abandoned everything, his home, family and possessions. He gave all his saving money to the charity and hitchhiked to Alaska to live in the wilderness. He wanted to spent time with nature and to be away from the trappings of the modern world. This movie reminds me to think about when I gave up on using my cell phone. Actually, I didn’t want to stop using it. But, I’m about to leave town in a few days so I don’t want to re-up my phone to keep service active during I’m out of the States. I have stopped using my phone for almost a couple weeks. It caused me to read a book instead. And reading book also caused me to think and get many ideas.

            I was thinking about how I could contact my family when I arrive the airport? But I think it’s not a big deal as long as I still remember my dad’s phone number. I think about to move some steps back to use a public telephone. It’s such old-fashion, isn’t it? Honestly, I’m not so sure if it still exists. But don’t worry; I also have a plan B. If I cannot find a public telephone, I believe I can borrow someone’s cell phone to call to my dad. Somebody can save my life, I believe that.

            On the other hand, move to technology overload movie, Jobs is an American biographical drama film based on the extraordinary life of Steve Jobs. It’s about ascension from college dropout into one of the most revered creative entrepreneurs of the 20th century. The movie tells the epic and turbulent story of Jobs as he blazed a trail that changed technology and the world forever.

            This movie encourages me to think big and then bigger. The world never stops being developed. There will be more technology to be born. I think there will be another Jobs, I mean another one who can change the world and technology like Jobs did. May be this person could be you or me! Life is your great opportunity. Actually, I can say opportunity is on you hand, you can make it happens whenever you want as long as you never give up!

            Last but not least, you can choose the way you want your life to be. You can be like Christopher McCandless or Steve Jobs. It depends on what makes your life worth living.


Enjoy your way of life,
Belle 🙂


#HappyIn21 :D


     I got a #HappyIn21 in the 21 day challenge from my professor, Dr. Leila. She asked me to do whatever I think it can make me or others feel happy and thankful in just 21 days. From these past 21 days, it can probably make my life even happier without spending a lot of time, energy, or money at all.

     Now, I have already done with this project, and I would love to share my feeling to everyone via my blog now.

     For me, “HAPPINESS” could not be measured. It could be a small thing or a big thing happens around me. Quantity does not matter. Yet, quality is even more significant. Everything that can make me unconditionally smile and see the world beautifully, in other word, everything that makes life worth living; I don’t hesitate to count it as my happiness.

     Sometimes, true happiness is not limited at how successful or how rich we are. However, the research suggests that happiness is a combination of how satisfied we are with our life (for example, finding meaning in your work) and how good we feel on a day-to-day basis. It’s so simple, isn’t it?

     Personally, I think participating this project is really great; I am able to track my happiness and find out what factors are associated with my greater happiness. I am really thankful for every single person who is a factor of mine. I can totally say that I am not able to be happy everyday by only myself.

     Thus, I would love to say “THANK YOU” to every person (not only for the past 21 days, but also for every single day of my life) who makes my life worth living. Also, I would love to thank my professor, Dr. Leila, that encourage me to find out what is my happiness.

     It’s so simply easy to do this challenge, I also would like to invite everyone to participate. Let’s make the world to be HAPPIER!

     Here are the list of people who I would love to say THANK YOU in my 21 days of my happiness life!

July 17 – Thanks Dr.Leila for challenging me!
July 18 – Thanks Bruno Mars for your super awesome performance in Manchester!
July 19 – Thanks mommy Yai for special treat. Your food is always awesome!
July 20 – Thanks P Boondee for wonderful Thai desserts!
July 21 – Thanks myself for being patient!
July 22 – Thanks my really nice friends here for love and care!
July 23 – Thanks SNHU for many great experiences here!
July 24 – Thanks USA for freedom and awesome life experiences!
July 25 – Thanks little girl named Brigette for making me so proud of her and myself!
July 26 – Thanks my dad for supporting me for everything!
July 27 – Thanks unknown person who paid a toll fee for me!
July 29 – Thanks all Thai friends for helping to organize farewell party!
July 30 – Thanks super best beloved one for my graduation gift. I really love Pandora that you gave me!
July 31 – Thanks all my friends for nice trip!
August 01- Thanks Brigette again for making my day full with laughing!
August 02 – Thanks dad again for supporting for NYC trip!
August 03 – Thanks myself for studying hard!
August 04 – Thanks my sister for sharing a good story!
August 05 – Thanks my dad for your inspirations! You are the best ever!
August 06 – Thanks my self for cleaning the house!
August 07 – Thanks my friend for wonderful Thai food! It was superb!

Keep in mind “Life is too short to be unhappy!”

Belle 🙂

Need back-to-school outfit ideas, huh?



     New classes, new friends, new semester, so you should be NEW YOU! The start of school is around the corner. It’s nearly time to start the perfect first day back to school with the great first impression. Even though you mature through the grades, choosing your first day outfit for back to school is a ritual that never quite loses its significance.

     Have you ever faced with this problem, “having so much clothing but still nothing to wear”? I am pretty sure that many of you guys have this same problem as well. But, hey! it usually happens to me too. We are all in the same boat. I am the one who also complains that I have nothing to wear although I just had bought some new clothing a few days before. And I could also say that this problem always seems to repeat itself in the same sequence each September, right?

     I know you have already put a lot of thought into your debut look. Don’t be worried though, below I have rounded up some cool outfit ideas from Lookbook.nu to share you guys here. Also, you will find my outfit ideas for school as well. Just so you know I am featuring college fashion for the upcoming fall season.

Are you ready for an A+ in first-day-back-to-school styles?
Here we go!!~


And…..here are some of my back to school outfits.

Hope these all ideas will help you!

Belle 🙂

Shoes are a girl’s best friend! ♡




     I, as a behalf of many women, cannot deny that we are obsessed with every fabulous pair of shoe. I also believe that there is no woman who really has only one pair of shoe. We have more than that. Yes, most of us literally do. On average, I think one woman probably owns 20 pairs of shoes. And I bet many others own more. To be honest, I am one of those who own more than 20 pairs of shoes. Really? Yes, I am serious. You might think I am so crazy if I have more than one pair of shoes in the same style but different colors. But, you know what…I do have that. I have 6 different colors in the same style of shoes. LOL


      I really really really love shoes. Actually, I sometimes correct them. Some of mine are not even worn; they just have sit in my closet so far. I would say they are too gorgeous to be worn. In my point of view, every single pair of shoes is not just ordinary shoes; they are a piece of art. I always feel my heartbeat beating like a drum when I got any new pair of shoes. I am so excited to wear them at the first time.

      So, for me, I don’t think diamond is a girl’s best friend, SHOES are actually my bestie!

      And you know what… every single outfit cannot be perfect without the right shoes; I mean the right style and the right color. Therefore, we can never have enough shoes. Have you ever heard that “Women don’t wear shoes, we wear flats, heels, boots, ballets, sandals, clogs, platforms, wedges, strappy, buckled, lace-ups, peep-toes, bla bla bla”?

    Sadia, fashion blogger from New Zealand, made a chart of visual shoe dictionary. Let’s take a look! And tell me which one is your favorite?

Belle 🙂


Be Charming with Pandora Charms



     Bracelet is always one of the most favorite jewelries for girls and especially, if it is from “Pandora”, it will be more impressive a lot. I heard that Pandora charm bracelet has been popular for a while. I have seen many pictures of them posted on social media sites, especially on Instagram and Pinterest through #pandoracharmbracelet.


     This is an official Instagram account of Pandora. You can easily keep up with its new products as well as get some inspirations from its Instagram. It is usually updated everyday.


      Last year, I passed by Pandora store located in the Mall of New Hampshire many times but honestly I was quite not interested in this charming bracelet at the first glance at all. But, right now I literally turnaround to be  addicted to this adorable Pandora charm bracelet. Every single charm that I picked can define my personality. I think it is such a creative idea that I can create my own personal bracelet based on my liking, which is just only one piece in the world. And you know what…even though Pandora is founded in Denmark, it is actually manufactured in Thailand where I come from. That could make me so proud every time I wear it.

      Here is my first personal Pandora charm bracelet…which can clearly describe my personality!!


     When you visit the Pandora store, I can say that it is not going to be the last time for you. I bet you will be back to this store soon and soon. As I mentioned above I admit that I’m addicted to them automatically, thus right now….i have started building another bracelet 🙂

     When you are in love with something, you are in love…..so no more words to explain how I am in love with Pandora.

Hope you will enjoy my Pandora bracelet.

Belle 🙂


Thanks GOD it’s Summer Sale!!


      Finally, it’s time for Summer SALE!!!! It’s time for me, literally!!!! There are a ton of too HOT deals that you should not miss. Not only Black Friday, but I think June and July are also a great time for crazy shopping for many stuffs with extremely further reductions as well. I can totally admit that I am a kind of a shopaholic person. I love SALE, I love BARGAIN. Actually, I bet nobody doesn’t love paying less, do you? Also, I really love online shopping. I have learned that many brands offer some discounts or some samples if we subscribe to or register their websites to keep up with their news and promotions.

       Nowadays, they usually link their official websites with social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. For some websites, customers can easily sign up with their existing Facebook or Twitter accounts. Personally, I think it is a good idea to encourage customers to sign up with their Facebook accounts. It can be good for both companies and customers. For customer, it’s so much easier and more convenience, they don’t need to fill up tons of information. Whereas, the companies will know what products can interest their customers from Facebook’s information.

     Due to I subscribe to the brands, I got emails to allow me to early access to their Summer Sale. That makes me feel like I am a VIP customer.

Here are what I got from online Summer Sale…. 🙂

    I believe 4 letters that can make almost all women feel very excited are S.A.L.E not L.O.V.E! Do you agree with me?

Belle 🙂

Go Fourth with (P)interested Outfits!!


     We just recently went through 4th of July celebrating. It was a time to Happy Birthday to USA and celebrate for independence….weee heeeee!!! We had a great time with parades, firework displays, BBQs party and of course flag-themed FASHION as well. Flag-themed outfits literally interested and challenged me. Red, blue, white, stars and stripes were ready to be mixed and matched. I love celebration and party because I will also enjoy creating what to wear with a particular theme. If you have no idea what to wear, it is not a big deal at all. Your inspiration is exactly on your fingertips. It is so easy to find inspirations from an Internet. Actually, not only for the Fourth of July celebration, but it is also for the other events as well. You will find many people love to share their styles via Social Media.

     When I need an inspiration, I usually end up with Pinterest and Lookbook.nu where provide me a ton of creative and awesome ideas. Honestly, I think I’m addicted to Pinterest! It is so fun. Not only fashion, but I can also find recipes to bake cookies for celebrating. It is really easy to get what I want from there. I just only search what I want to see and then I will come up with hundreds of shared pictures.


     Besides, many brands provide stuffs for each celebration theme. If you subscribe to brands, you will get emails to update currently popular trends and get awesome guides for rocking the Fourth of July from day to night. Furthermore, some of them might offer a great discount for celebration with us.

     I personally subscribe to many brands I love which include Topshop, Asos, Zara, Forever21 and so on. Before the Fourth of July arrived, they sent me an email to let me know that they had a special deal for celebrating Independence. And here are some great deals that I got from them.

And here is what I wore on the 4th of July…. 🙂


     There are many events waiting for us to celebrate. Thus, if you are looking for any awesome idea for the next upcoming events, I recommend you to go through Pinterest! It’s quick, easy and inspired.

I hope you had a great 4th of July.

Belle 🙂